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Our Products

  • Home Automation
  • Attendance Management System
  • GPS Based Navigation System

Home Automation

Home Automation system allows you to control many of your everyday tasks related to appliances in your home with a single touch either of smartphone or of next generation Digiboard of Arisence. You can remotely control your appliances. This system provides security, video streaming and energy management for home.

Key benefits

  • Provide smart security
  • Control all home appliances remotely using smartphone application
  • Monitor status of all home appliances
  • Intelligent scheduling
  • Touch switches
  • Door conferencing and controlling
  • Energy saving
  • Reduce electricity bill


1. Digiboard

Digiboard is a new and next generation switching board which replaces ordinary switch board. There is no mechanical part inside Digiboard compared to ordinary switch board hence no wear and tear which results in longer span of switches. It enables with touch panel which provides new, luxurious and rich way of interacting with appliances. It can be easily replace with old ordinary switch board. In built LED indicates status of appliance.

2. Digisole

Digsole is central controlling and monitoring panel. User can control and monitor any room’s appliances using Digisole. Digisole allows to control and monitor outside camera.

3. Intelligent Schedule

This feature allows you to set timer for appliances. Appliances can be turned on or off based on timer. Timer can be configured with date and time.

4. Light Management

This feature provides novel way of managing light. Lighting can be set according to mood. It offers several colours to choose from along with better energy and power management.

5. Curtain Management

Touch and get back to your work; Curtain itself will get manage. No matter wherever you are in your home you can control all curtains inside your home likewise. Curtain management has never been so easy before.

Attendance Management System

We provide two systems for attendance purpose one is based on RFID technology and second one is based on finger print. Both this systems are highly optimised in terms of performance and accuracy. It reduces human efforts and saves human resources. Entire system can be configured or modified as per client requirement. Reports can be generated manually or automatically as per schedule.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic database management
  • Reduce administrative work
  • Saves human resources

Application Area

  • Offices
  • School and colleges
  • Industry
  • Other organization

RFID based system comes with RFID reader and RFID tag. We provide both active and passive RFID based system. Active RFID is completely automatic and no interaction of target is requirement with system. Active RFID systems have higher range compared to passive RFID.

Fingerprint based system requires interaction of target with system. It comprises of finger print console for the interaction of target with system. On the spot notification is provided to target. It communicates with central database.

Educational institutes can send reports to guardian via email or text message. System allows tracking of student and relevant notification will be send to guardian. Installation of this system in educational institutes reduces administrative work and saves faculty time in classroom.

For office, industry and other organizations salary reports can be maintain and generated automatically depends on configurations. System is highly configurable, individual employee parameter can also be set which results to better management.

GPS Based Location System

We provide real time navigation system which is useful for tracking location of vehicle. It consists of GPS tracker and uses GSM for communication. Data is logged by the server. Entire system is rigid and durable. Use of high quality components ensures best optimum performance of the system. Installation of system is very easy. This system also helps for finding location of stolen vehicle.

It comes with software where admin can monitor or track vehicles. Different parameters can also be set for alert purpose like source, destination, journey time, halt time, speed of vehicle etc. Create database for entire journey.

Application area

  • Personal usage
  • Transporter
  • Travel agencies
  • Taxi/Cab agencies

Key Benefits

  • GPRS based online data logging and reporting
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Monitor speed of vehicle
  • Onboard memory stores data while no GSM is available
  • Alert can be set as per requirement