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GPS Based Navigation System

We provide real time navigation system which is useful for tracking location of vehicle. It consists of GPS tracker and uses GSM for communication. Data is logged by the server. Entire system is rigid and durable. Use of high quality components ensures best optimum performance of the system. Installation of system is very easy. This system also helps for finding location of stolen vehicle.

It comes with software where admin can monitor or track vehicles. Different parameters can also be set for alert purpose like source, destination, journey time, halt time, speed of vehicle etc. Create database for entire journey.

Application area

  • Personal usage
  • Transporter
  • Travel agencies
  • Taxi/Cab agencies

Key Benefits

  • GPRS based online data logging and reporting
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Monitor speed of vehicle
  • Onboard memory stores data while no GSM is available
  • Alert can be set as per requirement